A Girl Named Sue is the second episode of the second season.

Synopsis Edit

Tensions rise between Bill and Kevin, Frank blows his chance at getting his job back at Mohican, Maureen has her first Honeybee meeting and Sue applies to be a secretary at Plast-a-Ware.

Extended Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: The episode revolving around Sue; the hit song "A Boy named Sue" by Johnny Cash.
  • Bill decides to start working a paper route for money.
  • Bill and Kevin's fraternal relationship sours in this episode.
  • Bob Pogo survived the ordeal Frank put him through in O Holy Moly Night, and began a minor diet and exercise regime.
  • Frank was replaced by Dunbarton's nephew, Scoop.
  • Rosie's real name is Chauncey.

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