A Girl Named Sue is the second episode of the second season.

Synopsis Edit

Tensions rise between Bill and Kevin, Frank blows his chance at getting his job back at Mohican, Maureen has her first Honeybee meeting and Sue applies to be a secretary at Plast-a-Ware.

Plot Edit

Frank heads to his meeting with Pogo, feeling hopeful. He is informed however that he can't be re-hired because he was replaced by Roger Dunbarton's nephew, Scoop. Feeling hopeless, he goes out drinking with Rosie, who gives him the business card of a friend who runs a vending company.

Meanwhile, Kevin attempts to talk to Claire again, who is no longer interested in him due to the events at the skating rink. She, Bolo and Lex tease him over his fear of drowning, and even Bill makes a quip at his expense as he walks by. Kevin retaliates by punching Bill in the stomach and throwing his hockey stick up a tree, which shocks Kevin's friends. After school, the two get into another fight over Bill taking one of Kevin's records, and Bill brings up catching him masturbating. The fight is quickly broken up by Sue who forces them to stay in their room and not speak. That night, still held up in their room, Bill tells Kevin his plan to get a paper route and help the family with money. Kevin counters that he will help with money by becoming a famous musician.

While this is happening, Sue is dealing with an unreasonable customer, causing her to fantasize about domestic life. When Frank doesn't get his job, though, she decides to ask Vivian to recommend her as a secretary in Plast-a-Ware's head office, and winds up getting the position.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: The episode revolving around Sue; the hit song "A Boy named Sue" by Johnny Cash.
  • Bill decides to start working a paper route for money.
  • Bill and Kevin's fraternal relationship sours in this episode.
  • Bob Pogo survived the ordeal Frank put him through in O Holy Moly Night, and began a minor diet and exercise regime.
  • Frank was replaced by Dunbarton's nephew, Scoop.
  • Rosie's real name is Chauncey.
  • This episode uses the song "I Am Woman Hear Me Roar" by Helen Reddy.