Babe Bonfiglio is the Murphys' next door neighbor and a friend of Frank's. He is voiced by Kevin P. Farley.

Character Edit

Babe appears to be of Italian descent and has a very high pitched voice. He was one of the people Frank wanted to invite over to watch the fight on his colour TV. He also appeared at the Murphy's Christmas Eve party. He is one of the phone numbers taped up on the wall above the Murphys' telephone. It is hinted that he is bisexual, as he is seen staring at Vic in his groin. He helped wire up Kevin's new bedroom, but was oblivious to Kevin's pleas for privacy as he finished the job in the middle of the night. This obliviousness is hinted to be carried over to his own son, Phillip, as he doesn't notice the dark nature of his son's drawings.

Trivia Edit

  • His phone number is 412 7429
  • He was voted "Most Quiet" in high school.

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