Ben is a friend of Bill and Maureen's and the older brother of Kenny. He is voiced by Mo Collins.

Personality Edit

Ben enjoys doing various dangerous activities with his brother. Neither boy seems to realize the possible consequences for these actions and they seem to be unusually resilient to pain. Both Ben and Kenny enjoy getting Bill and Maureen to go along with their games and show little concern when Maureen gets hurt. They once harmed a cat to get it to howl like a wolf. The one thing they do seem to fear is the neighbour the kids think is a Nazi, Mr. Holtenwasser. It is also shown that they fear Jimmy Fitzsimmons, the resident bully whom they usually run away from when encountered and leave Bill or Maureen behind.

He showed up suddenly once to pee on Jimmy's old shed alongside Bill and Phillip, and his urine was bloody, implying his health and hygiene to be poor to the point of having internal infections and/or diseases. It is unknown if Kenny also has such infections, though having fiberglass insulation in his diaper could lead to similar bloody urine.

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