Bob Pogo is a recurring character in F is for Family. He is an obese man who often eats a lot of unhealthy food and has to ride on a cart to move. He is voiced by David Koechner.

Personality Edit

Bob Pogo is an angry, volatile, foul mouthed man with no respect for his employees, though he formed some sort of respect towards Frank after he was promoted to manager. He refers to the baggage handlers as "donkeys", leaves angry messages on Frank's answering machine and tactlessly fired Frank on Christmas Eve. Although he was instructed to do this by Dunbarton, he did enjoy rubbing it in Frank's face.

Aside from his unhealthy eating habits, he is also a chain smoker, which causes him to cough frequently and often mid sentence.

In the past, it seems that Bob was much nicer and had a friendship with Frank.

Bob Pogo young

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