F is for Family is a Netflix original drama/comedy series.


F is For Family is a Netflix original show about a lower middle class family, the Murphy's, living in the early 1970's. Nothing ever seems to go right for them. The show is inspired by Bill Burr's childhood.

Cast Edit


Season 1 (2015) Edit

  • "The Bleedin' in Sweden"
  • "Saturday Bloody Saturday"
  • "The Trough"
  • "F' is for Halloween"
  • "Bill Murphy's Day Off"
  • "O Holy Moly Night"

Season 2 (2017) Edit

  • "Heavy Sledding"
  • "A Girl Named Sue"
  • "The Liar's Club"
  • "Night Shift"
  • "Breaking Bill"
  • "This is Not Good"
  • "Fight Night"
  • "F is for Fixing It"
  • "Pray Away"
  • "Landing the Plane"


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