Goomer is one of the Murphy's neighbours, and a friend of Frank's. He is voiced by Trevor Devall.

Character Edit

Goomer appeared in the first episode, where Frank tries to one-up Vic in the eyes of his neighbours by buying a colour TV. Subsequently, Goomer makes minor appearances throughout the season, usually to point out something obvious going on with one of the main characters (e.g. "Hey, Frank. Did you think I was Sue?" "Heya Billy, filled with rage at something?" "Bite off more then you could chew, Sue?")

In season 2 it is revealed he has a creepy habit of spying on his neighbours through their windows. He enjoys knowing more than he should, and he seems especially enamoured with the Murphy's. In This Is Not Good he drinks beer on his porch while watching Frank rush home to get money for his eaten inventory, and later Kevin trying to get into the house after his bad date. When Cutie Pie was locked out of Vic's once, he told her which window she could get into that was always unlocked.

Another unsettling habit he possesses is wiping his dog with toilet paper, and then sniffing it.

He is one of the phone numbers taped above the Murphy's telephone, and he was present at their Christmas Eve party.

Trivia Edit

  • His phone number is 412 7429

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