Landing The Plane is the Season 2 finale of F is for Family.

Synopsis Edit

Frank and the airport staff initiate their plan to get rid of Scoop, until African-Americans attempt to hijack the plane and Frank finally realizes that he'd been taking Sue for granted. Meanwhile, Sue's salad tosser idea is pitched, only for her boss, Henrietta Van Horne, to take full credit for it. Vic has a talk with Kevin, letting him know he doesn't blame him for what happened with Cutie Pie.

Plot Edit

Frank meets up with his former co-workers to carry out their plan to get rid of Scoop. drugging him and sending him on a plane to a remote location.

Meanwhile, Sue and Vivian attend the Plast-a-Ware conference where the Salad Tosser will be unveiled. Henriette however, takes full credit, even stealing Sue's story of how she came up with it. Sue and Vivian decide to get drunk to ease the pain.

Kevin has been hiding in his room, afraid Vic wants to kill him after his confession yesterday. Vic comes down to talk, telling Kevin he isn't mad at him and doesn't blame him for the incident. Vic's explanation alleviates Kevin's self loathing.

Bill goes over to see Jimmy, who actually thanks Bill for taking him to the hospital. Bill see's Jimmy's little sister and is instantly smitten but Jimmy warns him not to try anything with her.

Frank's plan seems to be going well until the plane is hijacked by a terrorist group. Sue and Vivian see Frank on the news being held at gunpoint, and Sue calls Kevin to come pick her up. Vic loans Kevin his car, and the family drives to the airport to witness what is happening. Frank winds up being shot, and Scoop wakes up and stumbles out of the plane. He manages to knock out the terrorists with his bare fists, but accidentally steps on a suitcase bomb and dies. In the explosion, the laminated news article he wore around his neck flies into the throat of Roger Dunbarton, and kills him. Frank and Sue make up, though the kids seem traumatized by what they just witnessed. Frank advises to push it down and not think about it.

Later, Frank manages to buy back Sue's locket with money he got by selling the TV. The episode ends with Sue and Frank having sex for the third time using a possibly torn condom.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: The double meaning of Frank trying to get his old job back and the expression "land the plane", which means to get to the point.
  • Frank finally realizes that he hasn't been around for Sue and vows to make things right.
  • Frank pawns the color TV to reclaim the locket he gave to Sue after she traded it for money.
  • Vic starts to get himself off of drugs (or at least cocaine).
  • As Frank and Sue discuss their situation after the incident at the airport, they realize that it's the perfect chance for them to pick up where they left off before Kevin's birth.
    • Sue can return to college and graduate.
    • Frank can finally go to flight school.


Danielle: We have a bomb in this suitcase, and we will use it!
Roger: I'm the CEO of the airline. Let me talk some sense to these people. (shouting on megaphone) WHAT ARE YOU F*CKING ANIMALS DOING ON MY AIRPLINE!?
Frank: Mr. Dunbarton, no!
Frank: F*cking up my life, sir.
Police Officer: This is you last chance! You've got 10 seconds to give up, or we'll be starting the plane!
Jefferson: And you got 7 seconds before I'll blow this place the f*ck up!
Police Officer: Well then we'll do it in 5.
Jefferson: THIS AIN'T NAME THAT TOO MOTHERF*CKER! (grabs Frank) I'M GOING TO START SHOOTING HOSTAGES ONE AT A TIME! (points gun at Frank) Go ahead, say your prayers.
Frank: Nah, I don't think so.
Rosie: Frank, what the F*CK!
Frank: Buddy if you shot me now, you'll be doing me a favor. My wife hates me for good reason (all bystanders gasp). I haven't been there for her. The only right decision I ever made was marrying that woman. And I spent the last two months throwing it all away.
Sue: Oh Frank.
Citizen: Who the f*ck is this guy?
Frank: This morning she gave me one last chance to fix this. I should've said I was sorry. But, I think she's a great woman, a wonderful mother, and an absolute animal in a sack,...
(Bill throws up)
Frank: ...but I blew it. I'll tell you what, let all these other people go, they've actually got something to live for. As for me, I deserve a bullet. So go ahead, just shoot me.
(Jefferson feels sorry for Frank, but he still shoots him)
Jefferson: Anybody moves, the next one's in his head!