The Murphy House is one of the primary locations in the series. It is a two-story house owned by Frank Murphy, and it serves as the main residence for him and his family. This house is located at the end of the cul-de-sac on Slagtree Court.

Murphy House

The Murphy House at night

Residents Edit

Amenities Edit

The Murphy House is like any other family house, in terms of design and structure. The various rooms and areas are as follows:

Master Bedroom Edit

This bedroom is where Frank and Sue sleep in. It also has its own bathroom. The master bedroom is the only room on the second floor. This bedroom also has photos of the Murphy kids when they were younger.

Bill and Kevin's Bedroom Edit

The boys share a single bedroom, as shown in the first episode. The room is filled with items, photos, and posters of their interests and two single beds. Bill's bed is right beside the window while Kevin's is next to the door. Eventually, Kevin leaves this room when he can't get any privacy and he constantly gets into fights with Bill.

Maureen's Bedroom Edit

Maureen has her own bedroom, being the only girl in the family.

Major's Room Edit

Major is revealed to have his own bedroom.

Bathrooms Edit

There seems to be two bathrooms in the house. One of them is located within the master bedroom, while the other one is downstairs.

Living Room Edit

The living room is the main area at the front of the house. There is a hallway that leads to the kids' bedrooms and bathroom and stairs that lead up to the second floor.

Kitchen Edit

The kitchen is located within the side of the house. It is next to the living room. There's the dining table where the Murphys eat as well as a door to the garage and another door to the backyard.

Garage Edit

The Garage is located on the second floor of the house. This is usually where the Murphys keep their lawn mower, construction tools, wood, workbench, and gardening tools. It's also where the Murphy kids park their bicycles. There is even a punching bag in the garage that Frank uses to relieve his anger and frustration. Due to the washing machine and dryer being located in the garage, this is where they do their laundry.

Cellar Edit

The cellar, also known as the basement, is the place where the Murphy family stores their extra items. It is later cleaned out for Kevin to use as his new bedroom and musical practice space.

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