This page shows a list of all the recurring gags from F is for Family.

  • Frank threatening to put someone (usually Bill) through a wall ["I'll put you through that fucking wall!"]
  • Kevin being stoned
  • Frank's short temper and misogyny
  • Bill's fear of everything
  • Major humping things
  • Mr. Holtenwasser ignorance of everybody's fear of him
  • Vic's flamboyant personality
  • Bob Pogo's weight and big appetite
  • Jimmy Fitzsimmons mistaken for being poor
  • Bill getting himself into trouble by accident
  • Kevin's attitude
  • Maureen's tomboyish behavior
  • Goomer often stating the obvious in a situation, which is an indication of breaking the fourth wall.
  • The telephone. Usually ringing during dinner much to Frank's ire. Frank also wonders why they hang it on the wall. Later, the family gets an "answering machine" which seems to calm Frank's rage when it answers calls

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