The Liar's Club is the third episode of the second season.

Synopsis Edit

Bill starts his job as a paperboy. Frank tries going to the employment office, but leaves in shame and embarrassment. Kevin asks Frank for his own room. Sue starts her secretary job.

Plot Edit

Frank promises to go down to the employment office so that he can find work. When he gets there, however, he is too embarrassed to stay and winds up going home instead. When he gets there he breaks down sobbing, which is witnessed by Kevin, who was skipping school that day. They argue back and forth over this fact, before Kevin breaks down crying over school being too hard, and not being able to do music, the only thing he likes, because of Bill invading his privacy. Frank decides to help him by turning the cellar into a bedroom for Kevin. The two are getting along until Sue gets home and Frank lies to her about where he'd been, after previously telling Kevin that "a real man never lies". Kevin is disappointed in him, which makes Frank miserable for losing his son's trust. And with no other options for work, he is forced to call the vending service.

Sue starts her job as a secretary, finding the sexist and overly-sexualized office environment overwhelming, and feels as though she is not being taken seriously. Sue is about to tell them off, when Vivian notices and swoops in to demonstrate how to talk to the men on their own level. She is apprehensive about this, but is warned she will lose her job if she doesn't play along.

Bill begins his paper route, which seems alright until he goes to get paid and finds out he is actually being used as a drug mule.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Reference: Frank and Kevin coming up with lies for missing school and not filing at the unemployment office; Bill working a job that's not what it seems.
  • Bill starts working at a paper route that also handles drug deals.
  • Kevin moves out of his room and takes over the basement cellar.
  • Frank lies to Sue about applying at the employment office.