Vic is the wealthy next-door neighbor of Frank Murphy who tends to unintentionally show off a lot, and is a bit of a womanizer. He works for the WKWOK 109.5 radio station and often has parties at his house.

Vic is voiced by Sam Rockwell.

Character Edit

Vic is first introduced in the series as having a color TV which Frank is jealous of. He uses the savings from Kevin's college fund to buy one of his own so that the neighbours will watch the big fight at his house rather than Vic's.

Vic attracts a variety of young women, and they can often be seen in and around his home. He is also often seen using drugs, in particular cocaine and marijuana. He works at a local radio station as a promoter and marketing manager.

In O Holy Moly Night it is revealed that Vic is sometimes jealous of Frank because he doesn't have a family of his own. He thinks Frank is a good father to his children, but admits that personally family life is not where he belongs.

In Season 2, Vic has found a new girlfriend in a woman he always calls Cutie Pie. He often described her as the only thing keeping his life together, and was eager to start a family with her. However, he's too busy with business to spend any time with her. It's also noted that his cocaine addiction has gotten worse as it's made him clueless to the point where he doesn't realize that he was fired from the radio station, he turns into a sellout, and he isn't aware of the fact that Cutie Pie had been sleeping with his friends, including Skeeball and Kevin. Eventually, he begins to lighten up on the drug abuse.

Vic was a victim of sexual abuse when he was around Kevin's age, perpetrated by his mother's friend Mrs. Anderson. When he finds out what happened with Kevin and Cutie Pie, he tells Kevin that it wasn't his fault, trying to explain how an adult woman can take advantage of a teenage boys new-found sexuality. Though, he is not able to put it very eloquently, he is at least able to alleviate Kevin's guilt and self loathing.

Trivia Edit

  • His look is inspired by the character David Wooderson from the film Dazed and Confused.
  • His phone number is 412 6967
  • He has a pet iguana.
  • He likes Mac and Cheese, but the curly noodles make him dizzy.
  • Sue's boss, Vivian Saunders, was once Vic's lunch lady when he was in high school, and the two of them apparently had sexual relations back then.
  • He has an exceptionally large wang

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